Current Exhibits

Japanese Quilt Artists Who Have Influenced the World

April 6 – July 10, 2018

Quilt: Masoho by Yoshiko Katagiri

This exhibit features the work of 17 of the most respected
and admired Japanese quilters. These artists are responsible for inspiring thousands of quilters around the world and turning quilting into a cultural phenomenon in Japan. The curator is Naomi Ichikawa, Chief Editor of YOMIURI QUILT TIME magazine.

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Personal Horizons

Featured in our Corner Gallery

March 23 – May 22, 2018

Special Exhibit: Textile artist Regina V. Benson draws together dimensional art quilts that introduce her signature surface design techniques chosen to dramatize the subjects.

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New Quilts from an Old Favorite: Bow Tie

March 16 - June 12, 2018

Finalists and winners from the annual competition are showcased along with traditional examples featuring the theme of the Bow Tie piecework.

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The National Quilt Museum Collection

The National Quilt Museum's main gallery is made up of quilts from the museum's own collection. Currently, the museum has over 600 quilts in our collection. At any given time, 50-60 of these quilts are on display in the gallery for the public to view. The rest of the collection is housed in our temperature and humidity controlled vault.

Our collection is made up of some of the most extraordinary quilts ever produced. The majority of the quilts in our collection are award winners from regional and national contests. Others have been chosen for a number of different reasons including their uniqueness or their historic relevance. The collection is quite diverse, including quilts of many different styles from quilters throughout the world. If you would like to get information on the collection, the museum produces a collection book with information on each of the quilts. The book is available through our online shop.

How do we choose the quilts for our collection? The museum receives thousands of submissions for collection consideration each year. A collection committee made up of well respected quilters and appraisers makes the final decision on which quilts will ultimately become part of the collection. Only one exception to this process exists. Each year the winning quilts at the AQS Paducah Quilt Show are added to the museum's collection without having to go through the typical process for selection.
We take great pride in the quality and diversity of the museum collection and we will continue to expand it as time goes forward.


The museum's collection became available online in partnership with the Alliance for the American Quilt through the Quilt Index. To see all of the museum's quilts, visit

Selections from the museum's collection are also online on the Google Cultural Institute website.

Oh WOW! Miniature Quilts

Miniature quilts have grown in popularity and sophistication over the past several years. These quilts are made to scale as any size quilt would be; they are simply smaller in scale. As a general rule, to be considered a 'miniature quilt' a quilt must be no more than 24 inches on a side.

The first reaction people have when they see these tiny wonders is "Oh, Wow!" Says National Quilt Museum founder Bill Schroeder, "No better words could describe this remarkable collection of miniature quilts. The more carefully you look at them, the more you will agree."