Block of the Month Club

The National Quilt Museum's Block of the Month program invites quilters from all walks of life to connect and engage while creating their own 12 block sampler modeled after some of the finest and most high profile fiber artistry in the world. Each month, participants will gain access to an exclusive pattern that represents an exhibit currently on display at The National Quilt Museum or a similar theme, challenging quilters of all levels to experiment with new techniques and expand their horizons as a modern quilter. Each block is designed by a unique artist, adding their own personal style to each pattern while still encompassing the theme of the exhibit which it represents. Notable artists include Mathew Boudreaux, Robin Gausbeck, Regina V. Benson, and many more.

Group participants are invited to join our Facebook group. In this group, participants may discuss quilting, share photos, ask for sewing tips, and more, all while creating variations of the same quilt alongside one another. After completing the first cycle (12 months), participants will piece these blocks together and quilt them, resulting in a sampler representing a whole year's worth of quilting. The first 1,000 participants who complete the challenge at the end of 12 months will receive a FREE quilt label courtesy of The National Quilt Museum! All participants who complete the challenge will also be able to submit their quilts for a chance to be featured in an exhibit at The National Quilt Museum in August 2019.

Sign up today by visiting and clicking "join!"

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Block 1: English Paper Piecing

April 2018


Block 2: Dying and Improv Piecing

May 2018


Block 3: Applique and Embroidery

June 2018


Block 4: Curved Piecing

July 2018


Block 5: Fusible Appliqué (and free-motion quilting)

August 2018


Block 6: Foundation Paper Piecing

September 2018


Block 7: Pieced "Watercolor" Grid

October 2018


Block 8: Flying Geese

November 2018


Block 9: Bias Strips and Mini Log Cabin

December 2018


Block 10: Hawaiian applique

January 2019


Block 11: Pine Cone Quilt

February 2019


Block 12: Courthouse Steps

March 2019


Round 1 Wrap-Up

March 2019


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I join?
Click this link to the group on Facebook and click 'join'.

What if I don't have Facebook?
Each month, the pattern will be uploaded to the museum's website at

How much does it cost?
The Block of the Month club is free to join!

How does the group work?
Participants can discuss quilting, share photos, ask for sewing tips and more as long as the discussion is respectful and on-topic. Sharing your process each month is a welcome source of inspiration to other members. Each month members will receive a new design as well as a newsletter from the museum.

How much fabric do I need?
Each finished block will be 10" square. You may want to include sashing between blocks to create a larger finished piece, but in the end it's your quilt. Each designer has free reign in their design, so the number of colors in each block may vary. The quilt could be scrappy, completed in a limited color range, or however you desire. One suggestion is to purchase a layer cake to get small amounts of a range of fabrics that will work together.

When do I start?
The first pattern was released on April 1st. New patterns are released on the first of the month at noon CST.

Who designs the patterns?
Each block is designed by a unique artist such as Mathew Boudreaux, Robin Gausebeck, and Regina V. Benson. The inspiration comes from an exhibit at the museum, but the finished design for each block will be a surprise as the artists continue to work.

How much experience do I need quilting?
The club welcomes quilters of all levels. Beginner quilters can reach out to other members with questions. Different blocks will likely introduce new techniques and expand the horizons of modern quilters.

What happens at the end?
In April 2019, after all 12 blocks are released, the first 1,000 club members to finish their quilt will receive a free label for the back of their quilt. In early summer, finished quilts can be submitted for judging and several examples will be selected to hang in the museum in August 2019.

Can I tell others?
Absolutely! Invite your friends to join the Facebook group, or share the patterns with friends who aren't online as they are released.