December 15, 2017 - March 13, 2018

Join Mary Kerr as she once again presents fresh ideas for repurposing antique textiles, abandoned blocks and vintage fragments. Twisted focuses on the incorporation of unfinished vintage textiles into a modern quilt aesthetic. Scraps of vintage blocks and top fragments have been recycled to create new innovative quilts. These pieces begged to be offered a second chance and they now serve as a bridge between the vintage past and the modern future.

I love the way The Modern Quilt Movement has taken the quilting world by storm and burst onto the scene with fresh colors, ideas and methods. The movement is bringing younger quilters into the fold, rejuvenating techniques, and promoting a community through sharing and social media.

As a long time quilter, teacher, curator, and appraiser, I treasure our quilting heritage and am passionate about the preservation of our quilting memories. Despite our best efforts, many projects from yesteryear were left unfinished and are now perfect additions to our new quilts. My current work focuses on the incorporation of textile fragments into contemporary quilts. I recycle scraps of vintage tops into my new quilts and work this magic by adding these unique textiles into my modern quilts.

My newest book was released in the Fall of 2016... Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist. This is my 6th book through Schiffer Publishing. This exhibit debuted at The 2016 International Quilt Festival in Houston.

This project was born when I gave myself permission to combine two loves. My goal was to incorporate vintage textiles into modern quilts as I allowed the past to collide with a modern aesthetic. I created each of the tops, and then asked a talented pool of quilters to finish them. I sent the tops with little to no directions, and the quilters worked their magic. The result is an impressive collection of collaborative pieces that I am thrilled to share with you here.

My hope is to give quilters permission to let their many voices combine to create beautiful, harmonious pieces.

I created 21 Modern Quilts using 21 different vintage textiles and had them quilted by 21 talented quilters. The list of quilters is impressive and includes award winners Cathy Wiggins, Karen McTavish, Sue Patten, Linda Theifoldt, and Cathy Franks.

—Mary Kerr