“What’s in a Name?” Exhibit Featured in Google Arts and Culture

“What’s in a Name?” Exhibit Featured in Google Arts and Culture

One of our current exhibits, "What's In a Name?" has been recreated as a Google Arts & Culture exhibit, so now you can explore the pieces and their theme from anywhere! The quilts included are from the museum's collection, and the exhibit was curated both in the museum and online by current Intern Nancy Collins Eisenmenger. Of the theme, Nancy writes:

"One of the most difficult things for an artist to do is to name their artwork. Many artists fear that titles ‘limit meaning’ and will keep the viewer from reaching their own conclusions. Titles can be descriptive of the images, blocks, techniques, or even just a number. They can also be a play on words or symbolic of a deeper meaning. In this day and age of internet access and sales, it is imperative that artists distinguish their pieces with some kind of title. Titles can actually help a piece to sell. They can also give an intended or unintended meaning to the piece.

I am asking people to look at each piece before reading the title, and to judge the piece. What would they name the piece? I want them to also think, after reading the title, do they see the work differently?

I intentionally chose pieces with deeper meaning. The exhibit labels can give some insight in to what the artist intended and why."

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