Take a Sneak Peek of Our Collection Inventory!

Take a Sneak Peek of Our Collection Inventory!

It's that time of year again! Every spring, the museum conducts its physical inventory of the collection. We account for each quilt in its current location. Some will be hanging in the gallery of the museum. Others may be in the curatorial staging room waiting to be re-packed or hung in the gallery. Some will be out of the building, on loan to another museum or arts venue. Many are resting in their boxes in the storage vault. These take longer to identify, since there are hundreds of boxes to be opened and checked one at a time. Inventory ensures that all quilts are accounted for, and for those that haven't been displayed recently, it lets us "check in" on them to make sure that they are in stable, safe condition.

Registrar Laura Hendrickson folds a quilt during the spring collection inventory.

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