New Exhibit: Stitched in all Sizes

New Exhibit: Stitched in all Sizes

"Stitched in all Sizes" features a selection of quilts from the museum's collection showcasing artistry on both ends of the scale, from the smallest miniature (3.75 inches) to our largest bed-sized quilt (110 inches), and highlighting the connections between them.

As Registrar and Collections Manager of The National Quilt Museum, I have the honor of caring for the more than 650 quilts in the museum's collection as well as the hundreds more that rotate through our galleries each year. I work with our collections in depth, often having the opportunity to examine and study them at length. I've loved being able to connect with the art and artists in this way.

This exhibit is my dream exhibit: as a guest curator, I was able to design it based on my interests, and what quilts I wanted to see together. I've been quilting since 2014, and between my daily work at the museum and my own quilting journey, it always comes back to the miniatures! I am awestruck by quilts of all sizes, but small quilts fascinate me the most. I've always wanted to see some of these tiny quits hang next to their larger "collection mates" so we could marvel and compare the differences and similarities.

Some of the pairs and groupings are by the same artist; one set is from a husband and wife; some are scaled versions of classic blocks; some of them just seemed to me like they wanted to share a wall together! I hope you enjoy exploring these connections as much as I have.

Laura Hendrickson


This exhibit will be on display until March 3rd.

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