Quilts of Valor Event

Quilts of Valor Event

When the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF) was founded in 2003 by Catherine Roberts, its mission was to cover our nation’s military touched by war – that is, to cover them with quilts and honor their service. As of today, nearly 200,000 Quilts of Valor have been presented.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation will present these quilts to veterans and military who have been touched by war at the presentation ceremony to be held at The National Quilt Museum on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 2 p.m.

To do that, a team of volunteers donates their time and materials to make a quilt collaboratively.

The A 50 State Salute exhibit features quilts made in patriotic designs from the simple to complex. Members of QOVF range from young beginning quilters in the "Under Our Wings" program to experienced members who have been making Quilts of Valor for many years. These quilts are meant to inspire all levels of quiltmakers and showcase the many possibilities for expressing gratitude to our military through quilts.

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