#Museum30 November 2019

#Museum30 November 2019

#Museum30 is an annual photography-based social media challenge designed to allow museum professionals to share interesting  aspects of their work. The first #museum30 began on in 2017, and was created by Gracie Price (@magnifyingzoology).

This year it kicks off on November 1st, and each of the 30 days has a different prompt, like “Shadows” or “Unique Object.”  We’re joining in on the fun, and we’ll be posting for the prompts on all of our social media platforms. To follow along, look for our photos on:


Instagram: @nationalquiltmuseum

Twitter:  @natquiltmuseum

You can follow Gracie at:

Instagram – @magnifyzoology

Twitter – @magnifyzoology

Blog - https://magnifyingzoology.wordpress.com/about/

Want to join in on the fun? You can play along by posting your own photos for each day. The list of prompts is below. You can also follow other museums’ posts by checking the #museum30 tag.

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