New National Quilt Museum TV Episode

New National Quilt Museum TV Episode

We have just released our latest episode of National Quilt Museum TV.

In this episode National Quilt Museum TV, we interview some of the children from Quilt Camp, as well the teachers that helped the kids with their quilts. Each child gets to come to camp and tour the gallery, as well as make their own quilt with the supplies provided by the Museum. The next segment is a presentation from the exhibit, Love Stories. Made by using a traditional technique called Lanjiaxie, each quilt cover tells a story through the dying process of white fabric. The last segment is an interview with Cheryl See, artist of the colorful quilt StarStruck. This twist on the Grandmother's Flower Garden was inspired by a special family member. 

You can watch the brand new episode on Youtube and Facebook.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest episodes of National Quilt Museum TV. 

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