Blueprints from the National Quilt Museum

Blueprints from the National Quilt Museum

Check out some blueprints we found of some of the original drawings for The National Quilt Museum!

The National Quilt Museum opened its doors in 1991 and has been a strong advocate and supporter of the quilting community ever since. We are honored to play a significant role in both the quilting community and the art community as a whole since our founding.

At the museum, you will find exceptional quilt and fiber art exhibits, providing workshops, and promoting the art of quilting. We have a collection of more than 600 quilts, in addition to traveling exhibits that change every few weeks.

The National Quilt Museum is the brainchild of Bill and Meredith Schroeder of Paducah, Kentucky. Both quilting enthusiasts, they aimed to start a museum that would celebrate the work of today’s quilters and advance the art of quilting by bringing it to new audiences. The Schroeder’s chose to build the museum in Paducah, Kentucky to give back to the community they called home for many years.

Over the years, the museum has grown to become a destination for quilting and fiber art enthusiasts worldwide. Annually, we receive visitors from all 50 U.S. states and over 40 foreign countries from every continent.

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