New Exhibit: Stone Portraits & Sacred Stonescapes by Denise Labadie

New Exhibit: Stone Portraits & Sacred Stonescapes by Denise Labadie

June 11 – September 14, 2021

Denise makes contemporary art quilt portraits of very non-contemporary structures: megalithic  Celtic stones and monoliths (think Stonehenge), and more recent (but still centuries old)  monastic ruins. These relics – stone circles, standing stones, dolmens, burial tombs, abandoned  churches, and lost-in-history portals and passageways – embody both immense timelessness  and physical presence while evoking soulful and emotional remembrances of human pasts  largely forgotten. 

Denise’s art quilts are known for their moody realism, and her unique and deeply personal  style: assertive quilt top (and stone) textures, color, lighting, shadowing and perspective, and  craftsmanship and technique precision. 

Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic henge and stone circle about 6 miles north-east
of Stromness on the Mainland, the largest  island in Orkney, Scotland.

Denise’s quilts often evoke strong feelings and emotions. It’s as if the stones jostle some deep  core of cellular memories not otherwise approachable.  

Denise hand paints all her fabric – cottons, cotton-silk and cotton-linen blends, and/or silk  organza – after which she then individually cuts out each stone. Working the same way as a  stone mason building a wall or structure (working from the ground up, one stone at a time),  these fabric stones are then – depending on the composition – reversed, turned edge, and/or  raw edge appliquéd, or inset. Landscapes are typically free-form strip pieced incorporating both  her hand-painted fabric as well as couched threads, metallics, and yarns, whereas skies may be  either strip pieced or hand painted as single large panels. Tops are heavily machine stitched.

 Ring of Brodgar by Denise Labadie

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