New Exhibit: SAQA Musica!

New Exhibit: SAQA Musica!

A Celebration of Music - with a Visual Twist

Pablo Picasso said "To draw, you must close your eyes and sing." This exhibition explores all the wonderful ways in which music can serve as inspiration for the creative process.

Both music and art elicit emotions, create different moods, suggest movement and can reflect light, depth, and color. Over time many artistic practices and processes have been shaped by sounds and visual expression. The boundaries between music and art blur, as one becomes inspiration for the other.

Juror: Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979. His early mentors were steeped in quilt history and traditions, leading Cunningham to a life study in quilt history and a love of traditional technique. Over the years his quilts evolved into his own unique, personal style. His quilts are in the permanent collections of museums and numerous private collections. Cunningham's books on quilts include his 2010 book of Men and the Art of Quilting, the Shelburne Museum's exhibition catalogue, Man-Made Quilts: Civil War to the Present, and his essay for the de Young Museum show "Amish Abstractions: Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown.

Studio Art Quilt Associates, INC (SAQA) is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilts "a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form is stitched layers structure."

Founded in in 1989, SAQA now has over 3,700 members worldwide: artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators, and art quilt enthusiasts.

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