New Exhibit – Painted Quilts by Denise Mucci Furnish

New Exhibit – Painted Quilts by Denise Mucci Furnish

October 15th - December 7th, 2021

Artist Statement

This work began 1980 as a commentary on the quilt as a sign of the lack of visibility of women
during my art education. My decision to use worn and discarded quilts recognizes the utilitarian
and creative decisions of their makers. Like an insect in amber, the quilt is preserved in acrylic
in its current state of deterioration. The acrylic soaked artifact becomes the ground for my
I find a sense of mythology in the patterns and holiness in the degradation of the fabric. Early
pieces contained a graphic interaction with the patchwork pattern. As the work evolved over
time, the pattern of deterioration was emphasized, as dyes and time disintegrated the fabric.
This grew into an exploration of the meaning of quilts–how and why they were made, used, and
discarded. I am now experimenting with art historical references and scale. The large work
combines two quilts into one, as I imagine the Quilt, with a capital Q, writ large.

Snakes and Ladders


Denise Mucci Furnish was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She has a BA from the University of
Kentucky and a BFA and MA from the University of Louisville. She has backgrounds in quilt
restoration, painting, surface design, and graphic design. Her work has been exhibited
internationally and has won awards in national exhibitions. She currently works from her
Portland studio in Louisville.

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