New Exhibit: Juxtapassion by John Lefelhocz

New Exhibit: Juxtapassion by John Lefelhocz

A spark is all it takes to unleash energy and passion.

Art can be that spark. In my art, I like to place carefully chosen ideas and concepts side by side to set the viewer's mind and emotions ablaze.

As an artist, I'm NOT interested in mapping out all the circuits for the purpose of ending up with rigid conclusions. This artist is more interested in placing metaphorical wires that almost touch one another so closely that once current is applied, a forthcoming arc
is assured.

It's the job of the viewer to map out the symbolic electrical grid. Without a viewer, art becomes meaningless. It is only through the viewer (including myself) that art is experienced, and this experience is never the same twice.

From this comes the term JuxtaPassion. Juxta = adjacent, close to, or next to. Passion = the resulting strong emotions, excitement, or zeal.

Who is John Lefelhocz?

John Lefelhocz was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1967 and grew up in both Richmond, Virginia and Cleveland, Ohio. John studied mixed media at Ohio University. After college, he has owned and operated a bicycle shop in Athens, Ohio with his wife while establishing himself as an artist.

John gained international recognition as a Quilt Artist in the late 1990's and has since shown works nationally and internationally in this medium. John also creates works in
many other media including sculpture, painting, cartography, and the graphic arts.

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