New Block of the Month – October 2021

New Block of the Month – October 2021

“This quilt was inspired by viewing a special exhibit of
Japanese quilts. These artists are masters in the use of
taupe in their work. After completing this piece I was totally
humbled by their expertise. The Yo-Yos are a whimsical
nod to the traditional quilts of old. The single red dot adds
to the motion, keeping the eye moving around the quilt.”
Slow Motion joined the collection in 2021. It was made in
2014, using Japanese taupe cottons, pearl cotton thread,
raw-edge appliqué, embroidery, and free motion quilting.
Slow Motion by Sonia Grasvik
This block is a sized-up version of Sonia’s spirals. It
will work well with any color palette, from busy print
backgrounds to solids to neutrals so feel free to experiment
with different fabrics for the spiral.

To download the pattern, click here.

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