National Quilt Museum School Block Challenge Program

National Quilt Museum School Block Challenge Program

School Block Challenge is an annual, nationwide, quilt block contest and exhibit for students in grades K-12. It's co-sponsored by the National Quilt Museum and Mood Fabrics. Moda provides three challenge fabrics whence must be included somewhere in each block. Block entries are also required to have some type of machine or hand stitching. Students are encouraged to use their creativity, imagination, and math skills in designing and constructing their own quilt blocks.

Students can make a block on their own, at school in the classroom, in a home school program, with a scout troop, 4-H club, etc. They can work individually or in pairs or groups as they discover how the art of quilting relates to other school subjects and their own interests.

A Grand Prize winner is chosen from all of the blocks, winners are selected in each of the following categories: K-4th, 5th-8th, 9th-12th and prizes are awarded.

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The National Quilt Museum encourages the next generation of quilters through the School Block Challenge contest and exhibit-and hopes that it inspires all quilters both young and old!  

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