‘Stories of West Africa’ showcased at National Quilt Museum

‘Stories of West Africa’ showcased at National Quilt Museum

We are showcasing Stories of West Africa by Hollis Chatelain through July 9th!

Hollis Chatelain is an internationally recognized and award-winning artist specialized in textile painting. Through her works that address challenging social and environmental themes, she uses a distinctive style characterized by a dream-like use of color and imagery. Hollis’s dye-painted scenes of multi-culturals life convey the untold stories of women, children, families, and the earth, and have been described as "easy to gaze at, but hard to forget."

With an educational background in design and photography and over 35 years experience as a professional artist, Hollis' work can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. In addition to creating her art, Hollis holds lectures and workshops in the United States and abroad, instructing students in subjects including color, drawing, design, dye-painting, and quilting techniques.

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