Quilt of celebrities signatures on display

Quilt of celebrities signatures on display

We chatted with Bill Ford a local community leader, to talk about "The Signature Quilt", a quilt on display here at the Museum. This quilt has dozens of autographs of Singers, Comedians, Artists, Astronauts, and other performers that were collected together to create this piece of art. This quilt was created by the artist Ami Simms by sending a letters to each celebrity asking them to each sign the piece of Muslin she included in the letter.

Below is a list all of the names in included in the quilt:

Henry Aaron, Eddie Albert, Alan Alda, Muhammed Ali, Woody Allen, Herb Alpert, Robert Altman, Morey Amsterdam, Loni Anderson, Julie Andrews, Paul Anka, Ann-Margaret, Eve Arden, Neil Armstrong, Mary Kay Ash, Isaac Asimov, Fred Astaire, Gene Autry, F. Lee Bailey, Lucille Ball, Roger Bannister, Bob Barker, Christian Barnard, Peter Benchley, Milton Berle, Carl Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein, Shirley Temple Black, Mel Blanc, Ray Bolger, Erma Bombeck, Victor Borge, Ernest Borgnine, Helen Gurley Brown, Art Buchwald, William F. Buckley, Carol Burnett, George Burns, James Cagney, Sammy Cahn, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, Barbara Cartland, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Wilt Chamberlain, Carol Channing, Ray Charles, Caesar Chavez, Chubby Checker, Julia Child, Shirley Chisolm, Craig Clairborne, Dick Clark, Henry Steele Commager, Alistair Cooke, Aaron Copeland, Francis H. Crick, Robert Crippen, Bette Davis, Jim Davis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Debakey, Olivia De Havilland, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Marlene Dietrich, Phyllis Diller, Joe Dimaggio, Fats Domino, Phil Donahue, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Dale Evans, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, Federico Fellini, Betty Ford, Gerald Ford, Henry Ford II, William Clay Ford, Bob Fosse, Ernest Gallo, Julio Gallo, George Gallup, Indira Gandhi, James Garner, Steve Garvey, Ted Giannoulas, Jackie Gleason, John Glenn, Jane Goodall, Lorne Greene, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Guthrie, Buddy Hackett, Margaret Hamilton, David Hartman, Helen Hayes, Jim Henson, Edmund Hillary, Bertha Holt, Bob Hope, Gordie Howe, Rock Hudson, Lee Iacocca, Jesse Jackson, Steven P. Jobs, Ladybird Johnson, Gene Kelly, Edward Kennedy, Billy Jean King, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Bobby Knight, Helmut Kohl, Ray Kroc, Ann Landers, Art Linkletter, Rich Little, George Lucas, Fred MacMurray, Norma Mailer, Henry Mancini, Marcel Marceau, E.G. Marshall, Dean Martin, Mary Martin, Walter Matthau, Ed McMahon, Arthur Miller, Claton Moore, Henry Moore, Harry Morgan, Stirling Moss, Bob Newhart, Paul Newman, Joyce Carol Oates, Sandra Day O'Connor, Laurence Olivier, Bobby Orr, Arnold Palmer, Dolly Parton, Linus Pauling, Luciano Pavarotti, Norman Vincent Peale, Minnie Pearl, Marlin Perkins, Itzhak Perlman, George Plimpton, Sidney Poitier, Vincent Price, Prince Rainier, Tony Randall, Harry Reasoner, Orville Redenbacher, Robert Redford, Rex Reed, Carl Reiner, Burt Reynolds, Sally K. Ride, John Rockefeller, Willard Rockwell, Fred Rogers, Ginger Rogers, Roy Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Carl Sagan, Jonas Salk, Gale Sayers, Charles Schultz, Tom Selleck, Rudolf Serkin, Doc Severinson, Alan B. Sheppard, Jr., Beverly Sills, Fred Silverman, O.J. Simpson, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton, B.F. Skinner, Buffalo Bob Smith, Kate Smith, Roger B. Smith, Mickey Spillane, Benjamin Spock, Jimmy Stewart, Barbra Streisand, John Cameron Swayze, Loretta Swit, Elizabeth Taylor, Kurt Thomas, Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas, Charles Townes, Garry Trudeau, Ted Turner, James Van Allen, Abigail Van Buren, Judith Viorst, Maria Von Trapp, Irving Wallace, Barbara Walters, Andy Warhol, James Watson, Lawrence Welk, William Westmorland, Betty White, Richard Widmark, John T. Williams, Jonathon Williams, Stevie Wonder, Robert Woodward, Herman Wouk, Chuck Yeager, and Henny Youngman

To learn more about this quilt you can watch the video about this beautiful piece of art. 

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