Paducah Fiber Artists in Corner Gallery

Paducah Fiber Artists in Corner Gallery

In 2005, a community of textile and fiber artists emerged and continues to gather once a month for Potluck and Show and Tell. Other than a Facebook page, there is no formal structure to this organization -- no membership, no dues, no mission.

For the past 13 years, The Paducah Fiber Artists (who hail from Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri) have been woven together by their mutual respect and appreciation for the creative process. Their longevity is the result of an openness to new ideas and concepts, the mentoring of emerging textile artists, and a warm welcome to artists from around the world whose occasional visits bring fresh inspiration and connectivity to the global fiber arts scene.

Several members of the group came to see their work on display. Showcasing a wide variety of textile art forms for “NOW & THEN” included wearables, weavings, basketry and much more and continue to know exactly how to showcase the journey, the friendships, the influences, and the individual styles of each of the artists.

The early founders, friends who have moved away, and the regulars and recently arrived artists of today. Whether near or far, now or then, this intertwined and ever evolving network of talented individuals will forever be the “Paducah” Fiber Artists.

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