Love Stories exhibit of traditional Chinese textiles

Love Stories exhibit of traditional Chinese textiles

“Love Stories” came to visit us and tells the story of quilt making during the Tang Dynasty in China (618AD to 907AD). See how quilters used a carved wooden block technique to make ceremonial quilts.

Jiaxie was an incised wooden block textile dyeing technique used by the Tang Dynasty (618 AD-907 AD) in ancient China. It was widely used throughout East Asia in antiquity.

In the 19th century, the color of Jiaxie in China remained only blue and the material evolved from silk to cotton. As a result, Jiaxie had become Lanjiaxie (Blue Jiaxie) and from luxury goods for royal family to ordinary people’s commodity.

In Southeastern China, Lanjiaxie became a special quilt cover for marriage, which played an important role in local people’s life. A set of special etiquette, production process and use customs were designed and the patterns or images on quilt covers were usually from the Chinese ancient dramas of romance, such as hero and beauty, gifted scholars and nice ladies, indicating people’s wishes and desirees for love and better life even in the old days when there was no freedom for love or marriage.

The National Quilt Museum is the first location in North America to showcase this exhibit. See these amazing pieces in person before July 23rd.

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