HERstory: a global celebration of amazing women

HERstory: a global celebration of amazing women

HERstory celebrates amazing women! The exhibit showcased “A Celebration of Strong Women,” curated by Susanne Miller Jones.

84 artists from seven countries created tributes to women well known to us, as well as those who worked behind the scenes, through the art of quilting.

Lovely quilts celebrate strong women who cracked glass ceilings and those who made discoveries. Women who shook the world by breaking into fields previously reserved for men are commemorated, as are those who were the first to do something before any man. The quilts within this exhibit honor athletes, authors, artists, aviators and astronauts, business leaders, educators, entertainers, mathematicians, scientists, writers and world leaders.

Throughout history, women struggled to have a voice and we won that right in 1920, the right to vote. The HERstory exhibit celebrates the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished in the past and present.

The HERstory book, HERstory Quilts:  A Celebration of Strong Women by Susanne Miller Jones, is available from Schiffer in the museum’s gift shop.

The exhibit will be at The National Quilt Museum through April 9, 2019. For more information, go to www.quiltmuseum.org/herstory

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