HERstory quilt: Phyllis Diller

HERstory quilt: Phyllis Diller

Visit the HERstory exhibit and experience artist Denise Currier’s dramatic interpretation of Phyllis Diller, an American actress and standup comedian, in her quilt, “Humor Has It: Phyllis Diller.” HERstory celebrated the strong women of both past and present times through multimedia quilts of all varieties.

Artist Denise Currier is an award winning Multimedia Fiber/Textile Artist with over 42 years of Art experience. Beginnings as a sketch artist, photographer and watercolorist, she also prints her images with archival art ink mediums onto paper, fabric, coffee filters, and screen-prints with heat set techniques. Manipulated fabric, weavings, hand spun and knitted threads, copper and metal, handmade beads, screen prints, airbrush painting, fabric and thread/yarn dying, oils and watercolors are art medium elements that add to her art creations.

“Most would agree that the beauty in everything reflects my philosophy. My personal art aspirations are themes from occurrences with Life’s complexities that afford the permission to play. In-studio play leans towards a whimsical series of those reflections. Visual interests are influenced by the Desert and Mountain ranges with travels and surrounding studio activity. The enjoyment of bringing outdoor fresh air into the home is how I derived from a young age, with a daily ritual and passion to create upon freedom in time and space. Completion of a piece is crucial to my personal growth while my mind is then steered into the next inspired design. I stress the importance of observation and attention to detail, which keeps me inquisitive and inspires my new ideas. Art is in each of us, we who choose and afford the freedom to express, will absorb critique from those of understanding and instill satisfaction to completion. Something from nothing natural or synthetic brings society to attention. May we as artists and those with artistic appreciation walk a path that creates a destination most desire, admire and acclaim.” - Denise Currier

For more information about the HERstory exhibit, go to www.quiltmuseum.org/herstory.

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