HERstory tribute to Alice Paul

HERstory tribute to Alice Paul

"It’s About Justice: Alice Paul" by artist Janice Paine-Dawes is part of the HERstory exhibit. Alice Paul was a leader of the suffragist movement that led to the 19th Amendment.

Artist Janice Paine-Dawes says, "I use ages old techniques of coaxing pigment from nature to dye natural cloth resulting in a contemporary fine art textile. Each cloth is unique with complex colors and patterns. She does not use harsh chemicals in my processes on silk, linen and fine cotton, and her clothing is upcycled from fine quality name brand manufacturers, sourced from second hand shops to remain as green as possible. My inspiration comes from a suggested theme or the materials themselves. I've always said I am seduced by the cloth. When dyeing fabric with natural materials such as rust, an image may come forward that becomes the basis for the completed design. I work intuitively and let the design morph into what it wants to be.”

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