“The Beatles Quilt” turns 21!

“The Beatles Quilt” turns 21!

"The Beatles Quilt" turned 21 years old in April!

Sisters Pat Holly and Sue Nickels created this quilt together and won Best of Show at the American Quilter's Society Quilt Week in 1998. Growing up, The Beatles were up-and-coming and these sisters shared a bedroom and a love for the band’s music. Those memories and a TV series called The Beatles Anthology would inspire them to start a two year journey on a collaborative quilt piece. They started this work of art in 1996 using a 90’s method called “stitched raw machine applique.”

Their quilt will be on display at the museum during the 35th Anniversary AQS QuiltWeek: Spring Paducah.

Be sure to check out the video of these sisters discussing their work at The National Quilt museum last year:

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