New Exhibit – Bourbon Diamonds

New Exhibit – Bourbon Diamonds

This exhibit will be at the museum from September 17th - November 3rd, 2020.

Kentucky Honey

Our brand new corner gallery exhibition is here! Bourbon Diamonds is a gorgeous art quilt exhibit filled with dynamic close up images of diamonds. the unique irony of the exhibit is a depiction of one of the hardest surfaces known to man using one of the softest- fabric.

Artist MJ Kinman says "Inspired by the image of an actual stone, I study the gem to understand its personality. I try to capture the flow of light and color across its surface by using 100% cotton sateen, fabric paint, freezer paper, and traditional quilt making technique." Her technique captures the brilliant shine and colors of each stone.

She also wants everyone to know "I haven't had any professional training. I'm primarily self-taught and love taking classes with the experts and learning new techniques. That's how I figured out how to create my diamond quilts. I have to admit that I'm NOT an expert sewist. By the time I first pick up the scissors or sit down at the machine on any given day, I'll have already committed a dozen grievous sewing sins. I like to tell people who are interested in taking my classes that if they are looking to learn how to be an expert sewist, please, please, please do not take my classes! However, if they want to learn the techniques that I use to make my diamonds, I would love to share that with them. You know, one of my favorite things about teaching is that I learn so much from the participants. I definitely benefit, too."

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