Round 2 Block of the Month begins

Round 2 Block of the Month begins

Happy April! We're excited to drop the 1st pattern for Round 2. Inspired by the Pat Campbell Collection at the museum, April's block experiments with Pat's style & flair.

Patricia Campbell was a quilter and artist known for her unique Jacobean style, use of vibrant colors, and mastery of appliqué techniques. The National Quilt Museum is honored to include 33 of her quilts and her archives in our collection, gifted to us by her husband, John Van Pelt. Pat taught workshops around the country and sold patterns with her unique and fanciful appliqué designs.

The vibrant colors and “fantastical flowers” in Pat’s work inspired this month’s Block of the Month pattern. We pulled shapes and elements from several of Pat’s quilts and used them to create the templates for April’s pattern. You can use these as they are, or as a starting point for creating your own fantasy elements.

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Quilt: Tree of Life II by Pat Campbell

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