Block of the Month: August 2019

Block of the Month: August 2019

"Spheres" is inspired by Danny Amazonas and his exhibit "Freehand Patchwork," which is on display through October 15, 2019.

Danny’s use of color and value creates visual depth and movement in each quilt. This month’s Block of the Month pattern incorporates many of these elements so you can experiment with color, large-scale prints, and dimension.

Danny’s work has been exhibted around the world, such as at the Quilt Time Festival in Japan and at the Texas Quilt Museum. He lives in Taiwan, and developed the unprecedented technique of "freehand patchwork" in 2012. This unorthodox technique is like painting with colorful fabric using just a rotary cutter, overlapping layers of fused fabric, and exposing the raw edges.”

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"Levitate" by Danny Amazonas

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