Photo Policy

Photography FAQ

  • Non-flash photography and video is permitted in the museum galleries for personal use only.
  • No flash photography allowed in the galleries.
  • The use of tripods/bipods/monopods, selfie-sticks, large video cameras, or commercial photography equipment is prohibited.
  • Photos taken of quilts exhibited at the museum cannot be used for any commercial use.
  • The taking of photographs may not interfere with gallery tours and should show courtesy to other visitors.
  • Quilt designs and patterns remain the copyrighted property of the original artists who created the work.
  • Visitors are encouraged to credit artists by name when sharing photos of their quilts.
  • Anyone with questions about these policies is encouraged to ask at the Admissions Desk.

Professional Media: Media credentials to film in the gallery should be requested in advance. Please email Frank Bennett at

Please note: Photographs and videos taken of visitors may be used in museum publicity.