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The young quilter pictured above is Brooke. For six years, she has participated in the museum's youth education programs with her brothers and sisters. She is involved with several activities including Junior Quilters Club and Quilt Camp. She is also a volunteer at the museum. Brooke and thousands like her represent the next generation of quilters. Her passion for the art form has grown through museum youth programs that are offered either free or at a discount. She is in the early years of what will become a lifelong passion for quilting.

As the current generation of quilters is getting older, the need to take steps to guarantee that our extraordinary and unique art form will continue to grow and expand into the future becomes more urgent. We need your help to guarantee that people like Brooke have facilities available to learn quilting and experience the work of today's quilter.

At The National Quilt Museum, we are committed to the sustainability and expansion of quilting. We strive to promote the art of quilting to audiences around the world through in-facility and traveling exhibits, youth and adult education programs, and quilt preservation efforts. Your support is key to making this happen.
The National Quilt Museum
In 2018, the museum expanded in many ways, bringing the work of today's quilters to more people than ever before...

  • Museum visitation grew over 10% this year. From 2011 to 2018, museum visitation has grown over 50% introducing thousands of new people to the work of today's quilter.
  • Demand for youth education programs continues to expand. In addition to our long running programs -- Junior Quilters, School Block Challenge, and Quilt Camp -- the demand for on-location educational programs is increasing as schools and other organizations look for ways to augment their curriculums. Most youth programming is free to participants.
  • In the past year, quilts from the museum's collection were exhibited in more museums around the globe than ever before including the Indiana State Museum, Dunedin Fine Art Center, and Harlingen Cultural Arts Center. Thousands of people who may never visit Paducah still get the opportunity to see these amazing works of art.
  • Our staff works closely with museum specialists and textile conservators to make sure that the over 600 quilts in our collection and future acquisitions are cared for in a manner that will preserve them for centuries. Preserving the amazing artwork of today's quilters for future generations is one of our most important missions.
  • The museum was mentioned in print, television, and digital media hundreds of times over the last year including CNN Travel, Martha Stewart Living, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, and Midwest Living. Media exposure introduces millions of people to the art form that would not otherwise be exposed to it.
  • Lastly, the museum continues its commitment to excellence in visitor experience. TripAdvisor awarded us their Hall of Fame designation,Trip Advisor 2018 putting us among the most respected travel destinations in the world.
From December 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019
Your Donation is Matched Dollar-for-Dollar

Mark Dunn with Moda Fabrics has agreed to match all donations to The National Quilt Museum between December 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019. Your donation of any amount will be matched during this time. Please help us make the most of this opportunity by giving to the year-end matching campaign. The museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization primarily funded by quilters like you.

We need everyone passionate about quilting involved and your gift will help us achieve our mission to sustain and expand the quilting community for future generations like Brooke (right).

Thank you in advance for your support of the National Quilt Museum. Your contribution makes it possible for the museum to continue to bring quilting to new audiences and preserve the amazing work of today's quilters.


Frank Bennett
CEO, National Quilt Museum