Experience at the National Quilt Museum

What is the experience?

Museum visitors from UNESCO Creative City's participate in the Museum Experience. Includes participants representing Saudi Arabia, Italy, The Bahamas, Mexico, Republic of Korea, and the United States.

In early 2015, The National Quilt Museum launched a program aimed at groups unfamiliar with quilting. The program is called “The Museum Experience” and it includes a detailed gallery tour with demonstrations and a hands-on activity. In the hands-on activity each participant creates a unique quilt block that they are able to take home as a memento. The participants are given precut fabrics in a variety of colors and walked through the process of designing the block, quilting it, and framing it. The program gives everyone the opportunity to explore their creativity and explore the world of fiber art.

Whether they have ever touched a sewing machine or picked up a needle and thread they can complete this project. Over the past year we have had hundreds of people complete the project including a 5-year-old boy and an 80-year-old man.

The experience is ideal for groups from 10 to 30 people. Ideal for civic, church, and other community groups. Booking/reservations should be made at least a month in advance.
For more information please contact Becky Glasby at 270-442-8856.

Watch people participate in the Experience program


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