Adult Workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions about Workshops

What are the times of the workshop?
Most classes are 3 days: Thursday – Saturday. Some are 2 days only: Friday & Saturday. Class starts at 9:00am and ends around 4:00 or 4:30pm. Students must be out of the classrooms when the Museum closes at 5:00pm. Friday evening we offer you the option to stay until 8:00pm and work on your project or visit the Museum galleries.

How many people will be in the workshop?
We can accommodate up to 20 students per workshop – each student having use of one 3’x6’ table. Feel free to bring your own chair or seat cushions for your comfort.

When can I bring in my supplies?
You may arrive to unload materials and pick-up your welcome bags between 1:00-5:00pm on the day before the workshop begins.

Where do I park?
Loading and unloading materials can be done from the Museum lot. We have a couple of carts available if you need help bringing materials inside. Please park in the municipal parking lot located on 2nd Street behind the Museum during class hours. All parking is free.

How do I get into the Museum?
Please use the Main Entrance to the Museum. The right hand door will be unlocked each morning at 8:30am for you to enter the building.

What about lunch?
Lunch break is an hour and held at the instructor’s discretion. There are a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the Museum that are open for lunch and dinner.

Can I bring my own food?
Coffee, hot water, soft drinks and light snacks are provided during the workshop. You are welcome to bring your own tea bags, drinks or snacks for your own table as desired.

Do I have to pay admission to the Museum?
No! As a workshop participant your admission to the galleries is included.



For registration information, please contact:


Becky Glasby

Education Director
Phone: 270-442-8856 x213