Legacy Giving

The National Quilt Museum brings the work of today’s quilters to new audiences worldwide. Through exhibitions, educational programs, and advocacy efforts, the museum annually introduces over one hundred thousand people from over 40 countries to the art of quilting.

The Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization primarily funded through the generosity of the quilting community. As government sources of arts funding diminish,
it is more important than ever to show your commitment to the sustainability and expansion of this art form by contributing to The National Quilt Museum.

* The Museum offers corporate sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Matt Collinsworth at (270) 442-8856 to discuss corporate funding.

* This brochure is not intended to serve as financial advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before making decisions.

* The National Quilt Museum reserves the right to pass on a proposed donation when necessary.

Leave a legacy
for future generations and show your passion for quilting by giving to The National Quilt Museum through one or more of the donation options discussed here. In many cases, the tax advantages can be substantial especially on appreciated securities and properties. When you include all income, estate, and capital tax savings and also take probate expense savings into account, often the total savings you receive can come close to the amount of the gift.

For more information, contact museum CEO Matt Collinsworth at (270) 442-8856.

The museum can take donations through cash, check, or credit card.

IRA Minimum Distributions
Learn more about the tax benefits of donating required minimum distributions.

Wills or Trust Gifts
Simply name the museum as a beneficiary.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance offers multiple ways to give, each with significant tax benefits, most commonly by donating a policy or naming the museum as a policy beneficiary.

Real Estate
Donating Real Estate transfers the burden and expense of managing the property and removes the asset from your taxable estate.

Stocks and Appreciated Securities
Due to the appreciation factor, gifts of securities often “cost” donors less than an equivalent gift in cash and the tax benefits can be substantial.

Retirement Plan – Lifetime Gifts
An easy giving tool with clear tax benefits. Donating equity from your 401 (k), IRA or other retirement plan benefits you and a favorite nonprofit organization.

Gift annuities are the most popular life-income gift. Donors can make a gift and receive guaranteed fixed payments for life.



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