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with Esterita Austin

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July 18-20, 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day

$495 Public/ $396 NQM Friend

All skill levels welcome

This original technique utilizes fusible web to transfer your original painted image to Organza. Using metallic acrylic textile paints, such as Jacquard Lumiere, (as an example), and various mark making tools, you will be able to create a completely new and unique form of art quilt. This is basically a mono print technique although this process is unlike any other printing process, it is not a reverse process…what you see is what you get. This makes it a breeze to incorporate the written word and numbers into your imagery or to segue into abstraction knowing that your finished piece will be as you painted it, not reversed. It can also be used as a form of collaging. You will be working from your own enlarged photo: perhaps one you have taken of a favorite vacation photo, or an architectural structure that intrigues you, or an interesting still life for inspiration and interpretation. This is a technique at which anyone can succeed. If you’ve never painted’s easy….you can! Esterita will lead you there. Free your creative muse with this new and innovative technique.

Photos: To ensure success PLEASE email me your digital images (as many as you like, we will choose one together) in advance before you print it- for input on subject matter and to help pick the best image for your success.

Please refer to my student example page on my website for examples of subject matter.
It’s better not to take photos of people, pets, distant land or seascapes as subject matter. please.

Please send your chosen images to for help in choosing the most successful image.

Supplies Bring to Class:

  • 16’ x 20” glossy color print of image
  • fine and ultra fine black sharpie marker
  • A set of Sharpie “Stained” markers, most often found online
  • 4 sheets white copy paper and scotch tape
  • Iron and pad
  • White or clear plastic plates/ 6 or more (dollar store) or 1 reusable(china, glass etc) palette
  • Cup for water
  • Paper towels
  • Apron
  • Optional :
    table-top lamp and extension cord, if needed. Acrylic paint pens if you have them, like Posca pens-especially white. sea sponge(s). paints are provided for in class but feel free to bring what you have. Any acrylic metallic based paint such as Jacquard Lumiere, or Prochem pearlescent colors, you may also get metallic acrylic paints at craft stores in small inexpensive bottles.
    Core board at least 16 x 24 (Dollar store or Staples) and large metal clips. A small easel only if available. Wide painters tape.

Materials fee: $40. Organza, use of brushes, Mistyfuse, parchment, Vinyl sheet for pattern, assortment of metallic paints.

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Esterita Austin headshot

Esterita Austin

Internationally award winning quilt maker, designer and teacher, Esterita Austin is known for her organza mono-print series, as well as her earlier portraiture and stone series. Esterita has developed a unique transfer process where by she applies paint to a slick surface (baking parchment) which enables the paint to flow easily. The paint is then transferred to transparent organza by means of Mistyfuse. This single layer top makes for ease in quilting through batting and backing.

Esterita’s work has been showcased at Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego,CA, The National quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, The Butler Museum, Ohio as well as many other venues. Her quilt “The Well” was a prize winning piece in the American museum of Folk Art’s international competition. Her work has been published in numerous periodicals and books.

One of her international venues is a yearly workshop in the hills of Tuscany, which not only features a quilt workshop, but painting and cooking as well as tours to Florence and Siena. Information for this’ll inclusive tour and workshop can be found on her website at

She has been teaching virtual workshops for guilds and groups on Zoom since early 2020. She will also travel to your guild for workshops.

Esterita brings creative energy to her workshops, stimulating the imagination and encouraging originality.