The National Quilt Museum promotes the sustainability and expansion of quilting through in-facility and traveling exhibitions, youth and adult education programs, and quilt preservation efforts.

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Artist Highlight- Cathy Erickson

In this video, we talk to Cathy Erickson, a contributing artist to the exhibit "CONTEMPORÂNEO - CONTEMPORARY." Cathy chats about the exhibit and the differences between the American and Brazilian pieces. She also discusses the processes and materials that brazilian artists use to make their quilts. To watch the video, simply click on the image.
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New Episode of Quilt Museum TV

We have an all new episode of Quilt Museum TV! In this episode, we talk to our Curator, Rachael Baar, about the new corner gallery Exhibit. We also talk to our Director of Education, Becky Glasby about the Block of the Month Exhibit.  There's also a special clip from our Census Quilt Kickoff, featuring Michelle…
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Artist Highlight- Pat Kroth

This brand new video highlights Pat Kroth, our current corner gallery artist. Her unique style and use of found objects creates dimension both in the artwork and the stories behind them. Pat Kroth tells the stories behind her quilts, as well as some of her other pieces she has completed.  Her Exhibit will be here…
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Artist Highlight – Lenore Crawford

In this video we talk to Lenore Crawford, Artist of the Beautiful Quilt "Port of Cassis". She talks about her process, inspiration, and gives advice to new quilters interested in this beautiful artform.
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