Quilts and artists who are part of the museum’s collection

The National Quilt Museum promotes the sustainability and expansion of quilting through in-facility and traveling exhibitions, youth and adult education programs, and quilt preservation efforts.

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“What’s in a Name?” Exhibit Featured in Google Arts and Culture

One of our current exhibits, "What's In a Name?" has been recreated as a Google Arts & Culture exhibit, so now you can explore the pieces and their theme from anywhere! The quilts included are from the museum's collection, and the exhibit was curated both in the museum and online by current Intern Nancy Collins…
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New Exhibit: Stitched in all Sizes

"Stitched in all Sizes" features a selection of quilts from the museum's collection showcasing artistry on both ends of the scale, from the smallest miniature (3.75 inches) to our largest bed-sized quilt (110 inches), and highlighting the connections between them. As Registrar and Collections Manager of The National Quilt Museum, I have the honor of…
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Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

On July 16, 1969 the Apollo 11 mission launched, and on July 20th they landed on the surface of the moon. This detail of the Apollo 11 badge on "The Space Quilt" by Pat Holly & Sue Nickels memorializes Neil Armstrong's famous words on the 50th anniversary of the MoonLanding. Did you know that the…
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Visitors are impressed by artistry in miniature quilts

Miniature quilts continue to grown in popularity and sophistication. As a general rule, a miniature quilt is no larger than 24"x24". These quilts include the same techniques as larger quilts, but often with intricately tiny pieces and made with a lot of patience and attention to detail. The first reaction people have when they see…
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