The National Quilt Museum promotes the sustainability and expansion of quilting through in-facility and traveling exhibitions, youth and adult education programs, and quilt preservation efforts.

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Donations matched through end of January

Mark Dunn with Moda Fabrics agreed to match all donations to The National Quilt Museum between December 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019 for the Matching Funds Campaign. The museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization primarily funded by quilters like you. We need everyone passionate about quilting involved and your gift will help us achieve…
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Support the museum by donating quilts and quilting supplies!

Show your support for quilting by donating items to benefit The National Quilt Museum! Several years ago, The National Quilt Museum began the successful "Quilts for Quilting" campaign. This fundraiser for the museum is an opportunity for all quilters to pay it forward by donating quilting supplies, quilts, and other items. These donations are used for…
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“9.11.2001” quilt honors the fallen

“9.11.2001 represents our national tragedy through a series of imagery,” writes quilter Claire Gardner. “Nine blue fabrics, for the ninth month, with dark to light blue fabrics signify rising to hope from darkness. Standing together as an eleven are the Twin Towers, using 3,052 different fabrics representing each person who died at the WTC, Pentagon,…
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