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The National Quilt Museum promotes the sustainability and expansion of quilting through in-facility and traveling exhibitions, youth and adult education programs, and quilt preservation efforts.

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Block of the Month: August 2019

"Spheres" is inspired by Danny Amazonas and his exhibit "Freehand Patchwork," which is on display through October 15, 2019. Danny’s use of color and value creates visual depth and movement in each quilt. This month’s Block of the Month pattern incorporates many of these elements so you can experiment with color, large-scale prints, and dimension.…
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Block of the Month: July 2019

It's time for the new "Block of the Month." This month's guest designer is artist Victoria Findlay Wolfe. In addition to the block of the month, Victoria also has an exhibition in the museum called "Playing with Purpose: A Quilt Retrospective." In "Playing With Purpose: A Quilt Retrospective" visitors can take a deep look inside…
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Block of the Month: June 2019

Lise Bélanger's quilts are colorful (or colourful, she is from Canada!) and engaging. She brings us this whimsical "Bird Watching" pattern for our June Block of the Month, which is inspired by her own "Behind the Seams" exhibit. What a treat to have this artist share insight into her techniques! Lise was born and raised…
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Block of the Month: May 2019

Our guest designer this month is Jo Avery of myBearpaw from Scotland! Her "Dancing Oak Leaf" design is May's Block of the Month pattern. It's inspired by our "New Quilts from an Old Favorite" competition and exhibit. This year's theme is Oak Leaf & Reel and the contest quilts are at the museum through June…
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