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Frank Bennett has been the CEO of The National Quilt Museum since 2011.  Frank is also an active advocate for the growth of quilt and fiber art.  Frank has spoken at guilds and quilt shows nationwide including the International Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival in Everett, WA, and the Quilts of Valor annual conference.  Frank is perhaps most known as the host of Quilt Museum TV, the host of the annual National Quilting Day Kickoff Event, and for his annual speech entitled “The Future of Quilting” that he gives every April.

Due to his responsibilities as CEO of the museum, Frank is only able to offer a handful of dates for speeches and appearances.  In his speech called “Bring Quilting To Everyone,” Frank does a 40 to 60 minute interactive talk in which he discusses the museum mission and programs and how the museum works to bring the work of today’s quilter to audiences around the world.  As part of the talk, Frank brings half a dozen quilts from The Collection of The National Quilt Museum for the audience to enjoy.

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