The Collection of The National Quilt Museum

The Collection of The National Quilt Museum currently has over 600 quilts representing a cross section of the best quilt and fiber art made by today’s quilter. Every work in our collection was made after 1980. The collection is cared for by a curatorial team focused on preserving each work of art in this extraordinary collection for years to come.

When not on display, each quilt is specially housed in the museum’s storage vault. Constructed in 1991, the vault is a true fortress with tight humidity and temperature controls, plus it is secured by multiple locks and a security camera. The curatorial staff follows a strict set of guidelines for all quilt handling and storage including only wearing white cotton gloves when handling a quilt and storing a quilt in acid free boxes padded with acid free tissue. The staff gives each and every quilt the utmost care and appreciation.

When our collection quilts are not stored in the vault, they are enjoyed by more than 40,000 visitors per year in our museum’s temperature and humidity controlled galleries or they are loaned to other museums and quilt shows to be appreciated by audiences who may never visit Paducah.

The National Quilt Museum takes great pride in our textile preservation system. We are honored that the most talented and respected fiber artists in the world trust us with their valuable artwork.

Donate A Quilt to The Collection of The National Quilt Museum

Why should you donate a quilt to The National Quilt Museum? First of all, preservation is always our foremost concern, but it is only part of the benefit of having your quilt selected for our collection. Secondly, the attention your quilt will receive is astounding. Annually, our collection can be seen by over a million people, both in person and online, through our gallery and traveling exhibitions; print and digital promotions and publications; and educational programs and classes for children and adults.

The National Quilt Museum is happy to consider your quilt for the collection, if it was made after 1980.  (The museum does not collect antique or vintage quilts.)  Please email two (2) photos of your quilt (1. full size & 2. close-up) to our Museum Curator Rachael Baar at Your email must also include the following:

  • Your name.
  • Your email and phone number.
  • The following information about the quilt:
    a. Title of the quilt
    b. Artist’s Name
    c. Year it was made
    d. Any information you have about the history of the quilt, such as awards or special significance
  • The subject line must read: Potential Acquisition

Please allow up to 5 working days for a response to your initial email, however, the entire process may take anywhere from 30 days to up to four months. Our curatorial staff will contact you with more specific information about the acquisition process.


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