About Us

Museum Mission:

The National Quilt Museum promotes the  growth and expansion of quilting by
bringing the art form to new audiences around the world through exhibitions,
education programs, and quilt preservation efforts, and advocacy.


Museum Values

  1. The museum believes today’s quilters create extraordinary artwork that is a unique and wonderful sensory experience for everyone.
  2. The museum believes the individuals who create quilts and fiber art are accomplished artists who deserve recognition and respect for their talents.
  3. The museum believes the work of these artists muse be preserved, and their skills shared, for the enjoyment and appreciation of future generations. 

In Facility and Traveling Exhibits

The museum exhibits the best of the best in quilt and fiber art throughout the year at the facility in Paducah, KY.  Exhibits are made up of quilts from The Collection of The National Quilt Museum and exhibits on loan from other facilities and organizations.  Exhibits are rotated 10 to 12 times per year so there is always something new to see. The National Quilt Museum is a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner seven years in a row, and a two time TripAdvisor Hall of Fame winner. 


Youth and Adult Education

Through dozens of programs including the School Block Challenge, Quilt Camp, Junior Quilters, The "Creative Stitch" Experience, and other hands-on experiences, The National Quilt Museum introduces quilting to thousands of youth throughout the year.  The museum also had adult programs including The Museum Experience which allows groups with no previous quilting experience to have a hands-on experience making a quilt block. 



The preservation of the art work made by today’s quilt artists is critical to the long term sustainability of our art form.  We want the work of today’s quilters to be enjoyed by audiences for centuries to come.  In addition to the management of our own collection of over 600 artifacts, our Curatorial department regularly educates people on ‘best practices’ for quilt handling through videos, lectures, and publications.



Over the last few years, The National Quilt Museum has been mentioned in hundreds of media outlets including CNN Travel, National Geographic, Midwest Living, USA Today, and Martha Stewart Living.  In addition, our team regularly contributes to articles, podcasts, and events in an effort to bring the work of today’s quilter to new audiences. 

The Year 2120 Quilt Initiative:                                                                 

In 2019, The National Quilt Museum announced the Year 2120 Quilt Initiative. The initiative is based on three components of quilt community growth:

  • More active makers around the world.
  • More exhibits of quilts and fiber art at public venues worldwide.
  • More of today’s quilts professionally preserved so they will be enjoyed for years to come.


Please show your support of the future of quilting by getting involved with the museum.  To learn ways to get involved, go to www.quiltmuseum.org/planmygift


The National Quilt Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization primarily funded through the generosity of people passionate about quilting.

For more information about getting involved please go to www.quiltmuseum.org/GetInvolved

To learn more about how you can support the museum financially, please visit www.quiltmuseum.org/PlanMyGift



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