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Each year this international contest organized by The National Quilt Museum challenges quiltmakers to create an innovative quilt based on a specific traditional pattern. Winners of the contest traditionally include quilts from many different U.S. states and several other countries.

Quilts are selected for their excellence in design and techniques, their innovations, and their contributions to an exhibit showing the wide range of designs and styles the selected traditional pattern can inspire.

In cooperation with the American Quilter's Society, a catalog is published, featuring the award-winning and finalist quilts in full color, with a photo of the maker, information about the quilt's development and patterns and tips.

Click here for the 2016 New Quilts from an Old Favorite: New York Beauty Brochure and Entry Form.

2015 Winners!

Nearly everyone remembers sleeping under a quilt made by their mother or grandmother, and many of those quilts were made from time-honored traditional quilt designs. Today’s quiltmakers were challenged by the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky to create original quilts based on the classic Nine Patch block pattern. [VENUE] is delighted to present “New Quilts from an Old Favorite 2015: Nine Patch,” an exhibit of the 18 finalist and winning quilts by quiltmakers who responded to this challenge. These are not your grandmother’s quilts!

Quilters modified Nine Patch block designs in imaginative ways, providing a wonderful look at the skills, techniques and creativity of today's quiltmakers. Support for the contest is provided by MODA Fabrics and Janome America, Incorporated. Local support for this exhibit is provided by [LOCAL SPONSORS].

Circular star blocks built from Nine Patch arrangements are scattered across swirling pink and green in Revolution #9 by Robin Gausebeck of Rockford, IL for the First place award. Ribbons of Nine Patches float upward in this beautifully quilted piece.

The second place quilt, December by Jane Zillmer of Mercer, WI, is her interpretation of a Nine Patch as how blocks are oriented, and features soothing blue, grey, green and brown colors. The modern quilt aesthetic is evident in the third place winner, It's Not All Black and White by Nancy Eisenhauer, Belleville, IL, with plenty of negative space, black and white, and rainbow-colored circles.

Fractal Blooms by Amy Krasnansky of Baltimore, MD placed fourth and is a glowing progression of Nine Patch blocks set off by exceptional quilting. Tere D'Amato of Mashpee, MA created Fresh from My Nine Patch Garden; her flowers bloom Nine Patches and her basket is woven from thm, winning fifth place.

Sponsored by MODA Fabrics, and Janome America, Inc., this international contest challenges quiltmakers to create original quilts based on a specific quilt pattern.

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For me every quilt has its elements of struggle and head-scratching but this one mostly just lifted my spirits and made me happy to construct and quilt.  Revolution #9 is a celebration of my little granddaughter Charlotte.  She loves making her own “quilts” in her grandma’s studio and this quilt was inspired by her favorite number “9”, her favorite colors of pink and “Frozen” blue and her playfulness and exuberance.  There is even a private joke embedded in the quilt that only she and I understand.  It will be hers when she is old enough to appreciate it as a work of love and art.

1st Place Winner

Revolution #9 by Robin Gausebeck

My daily walks among the beauty of nature in northern Wisconsin often provide inspiration for my quilt designs. 
I have grown to love the peace and calm of December in all its darkness.   Most days are cloud covered and gray; the only colors I see are the dark greens and browns of pine trees.  However, when the clouds do lift, the blue sky is stunning.  Now add the main attraction of this month:  snow!
With these images and colors in mind and starting with the basic Nine Patch, December became a quilt. I chose to design each snowflake using botanical motifs rather than plain graphics. 

2nd Place Winner

December by Jane Zillmer


What would Grandma think?  It's Not All Black and White is definitely not my grandmother's quilt!  A nine-patch quilt made by her was on my parents' bed when I was a child.  I loved the colorful dress and apron scraps that Grandma put on a white background.  This is a new version, using my love of color and black-and-white prints.

3rd Place Winner

It's Not All Black and White by Nancy Eisenhauer

In Fractal Blooms, the Nine Patch blocks are positioned in a branching fractal-inspired design. A fractal is a pattern that repeats at every scale so that what you see when you zoom in is the same or similar to what you see when you zoom out. As the blocks of Fractal Blooms get progressively smaller, their colors move along the spectrum. Where blocks overlap, colors were chosen to give the illusion of semi-transparency. The fractal pattern is repeated in the quilted border, using squares instead of Nine Patch blocks, and outlined with embroidery floss for emphasis.

4th Place Winner

Fractal Blooms by Amy Krasnansky



A visit to the National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week 2014 sparked my imagination. I couldn’t get the Nine Patch block out of my mind after learning the theme of this 2015 contest.  Flying home from Paducah, I dozed off thinking about the popular Blooming Nine Patch Quilt pattern and woke up envisioning Nine Patch blooms.  By the time I landed in Boston, the margins of my airline magazine were filled with sketches. The final design of this quilt reflects my love of color, whimsy and a technical challenge.  Please enjoy the bounty of my Nine Patch garden.

5th Place Winner

Fresh from My Nine Patch Garden by Tere D'Amato

Finalists' quilts that will be featured in the exhibit include:

  • Radiant Rainbow by Claudette Booker of Fort Smith, AR
  • NOVA by Diane Kay Evans of Forest Ranch, CA
  • Interwoven by Cathy Geier of Waukesha, WI
  • Bubbled Double Nine Patch by Julia Graber of Brooksville, MS
  • Fifty-Eight Nines by Anita Karban-Neef of Cary, IL
  • Nine Patch Carnival by Zeeda Magnuson of Minneapolis, MN
  • Skewed Nine Patch by Judy Martin and Lana Corcoran of Grinnell, IA
  • Modern Nine Patch by Susan Mogen of Mobile, AL
  • Nynepatch Puzzle by Claudia Clark Myers of Duluth, MN
  • Dressed to the Nines by Annette S. Reynolds of Grove City, OH
  • Possibilities by Jan Soules of Elk Grove, CA
  • Red Hot Summer by Sue Turnquist of Tifton, GA
  • Chasing Sunlight by Karen Watts of Mayhill, NM

A book featuring full-color photos of the 18 finalists and their award winning quilts, biographical information about each quilter in addition to tips, techniques and patterns has been published by the American Quilter’s Society and is available for purchase at [VENUE] during the exhibit.

Quilters wishing to enter future “New Quilts from an Old Favorite” contests can request an entry form by sending an SASE to NQM, PO Box 1540, Paducah, KY 42002-1540 or visiting the museum’s website at www.quiltmuseum.org. Upcoming themes are New York Beauty in 2016 and Flying Geese in 2017. The National Quilt Museum is a non-profit institution located in downtown Paducah, Kentucky and is supported in part by the Kentucky Arts Council.

Future & Past Themes
Double Wedding Ring - 1994
Log Cabin - 1995
Ohio Star - 1996
Mariner's Compass - 1997
Pineapple - 1998
Kaleidoscope - 1999
Storm at Sea - 2000
Bear's Paw - 2001

Tumbling Block - 2002
Feathered Star - 2003
Monkey Wrench - 2004
Seven Sisters - 2005
Dresden Plate - 2006
Rose of Sharon - 2007
Sawtooth - 2008
Burgoyne Surrounded - 2009

Sunflower - 2010
Orange Peel - 2011
Baskets - 2012
Jacob's Ladder - 2013
Carolina Lilly - 2014
Nine Patch - 2015
New York Beauty - 2016
Flying Geese - 2017
Bow Tie - 2018

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Images of Past Winners

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